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Services - Our company is specialised in Project, Production, Fuel System and Sales


DSCF6758 edited 02Our clients can benefit from the utilisation of Key owner competencies in implementing integrated technology solutions.  Our tools and techniques for managing projects are experienced-based and continuously updated and improved to incorporate current, successful practices, operational experience and lessons learned from recent projects. By comparing the performance of projects we have worked on with industry benchmarks, our ability to enhance the value of a client’s project is demonstrated.  We help customers throughout the oil and gas businesses identify substantial cost savings and add value to their projects for petrochemical, liquefied natural gas processing, coal gasification,  civil/marine/terminal facilities and the latest inclusion of Compact Natural Gases technologies. The Business solutions we offer to our customers are not one size fits all but tailored to the project and the in-house competencies of our customers.


SAM_0515Our production department designs, fabricates and erects steel structures and steel tanks.
Our technologically advanced aboveground and underground storage tanks are undertaken to address safety needs of our clients. From normal steel tanks fabrication to advanced technological-driven manufacturing, we can cater to their changing needs and field requirements.Some of our tanks are fabricated directly from Japan using heat and pressure to bond a high molecular weight polymer outer tank to a steel inner tank at every opening.The result is an extremely tough double-wall tank. This special requirement comes if a client is concerned about environmental safety. The tanks feature secondary containment, damage resistance and reduced installation costs.

Fuel System

productFuel and its usage represent a considerable overhead to any organisation. The correct management of this valuable asset is critical to profitability, even a small percentage saving can make a significant difference. It is vital that our clients have the correct know-how to ensure that this cost savings are achievable. At WTE, we design, develop, install and maintain a range of fuel management systems, fuel dispensers, fuel storage tanks, fuel tank contents monitoring systems and other ancillaries to help our clients achieve this objective.


Our sales team is professional and knowledgeable in our products. We work closely together with our clients to provide them with products specially-customised to best-suit their purposes.

service_salesOur Products are available individually or as a complete package, whether the requirement is for a simple fuel pump or a new fuelling location including fuel storage tank ( STP, double wall fiberglass tank or double steel and fiberglass tank ), fuel pumps (Gilbarco Advantage and Endeavor), fuel management systems (POSTEC), tank gauging, piping (UPP Piping), nozzle (OPW) and other more sub-parts.

Our fuel management systems (POSTEC) incorporate all available features into a standard product, features and add-ons that are ease of use, allowing us to specify suitable systems for a wide range of applications at a realistic cost.