Wing Tuck Engineering Pte Ltd

Case Study - Design, Demolish, Construct, Manage and Maintain Single Storey Office Building and Diesel Station

A. Design Phase (1 month)

  1. Architectural Design
  2. Structural Design
  3. Mechanical and Electrical Design
  4. Fire and Safety Design
  5. Project and Construction Execution Process Design

B. Government Authorities Submission & Approval for Construction Phase (2 months)

  1. Government Authorities Submission
  2. Approval from Government Authorities

C. Pre-Construction Phase (Concurrent with B)

  1. Preparation of Shop Drawings and Samples
  2. Approval of Shop Drawings and Samples
  3. Site Preparation
  4. Pre-construction survey and Setting survey
  5. Preparation of Materials cutting list
  6. Scheduling and Ordering of Materials
  7. Preparation of Equipment List
  8. Scheduling and preparation of Equipment

D. Construction Phase (3 months)


  1. Site Demolition and Clearance
  2. Mobilisation of Construction Materials and Equipment
  3. Construction of Reinforced Concrete Foundation, Beams and Slabs
  4. Supply and Lay of Fuel Piping and sumps, M&E services, cold water pipeline and sewer pipeline
  5. Supply and install underground storage tanks
  6. Supply and install Fuel Leak Detection System and Auto Tank Gauging System
  7. Supply, Fabrication and installation of Mild Steel Columns and Roof Structure
  8. Supply and installation of Roofing insulation and roofing sheets
  9. Erection of brickwalls and partition walls
  10. Supply and install doors and windows
  11. Supply and install light fittings and sanitary fittings
  12. Supply and install Fire Hosereel, Manual Call Points and Emergency Shut-off System
  13. Supply and install Security System
  14. Supply and install Fuel Dispensers
  15. Supply and install Fuel and Point of Sales Management System
  16. Testing & Commissioning of all Systems
  • Architectural and M&E RI Inspections

E. Government Submission & Approval for Operation Phase (1 month)

  1. Submission and Approval from Weights & Measures for Dispensers
  2. Submission and Approval from NEA
  3. Submission and Approval from SCDF
  4. Submission and Approval from BCA
  5. Obtain Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP) from BCA
  6. Submit and Obtain Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) from BCA (concurrent while operating)

F. Operation, Manage and Maintain Diesel Station Phase (On going, contract basis)

  1. Manage human resources and shift schedule
  2. Manage daily sales
  3. Manage daily diesel loading
  4. Manage daily cleanliness and housekeeping
  5. Preventive Maintenance of Fuel Equipment